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  The Millennium Cookbook - Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine
by Eric Tucker and John Westerdahl, Dessert Recipes by Sascha Weiss

The Millennium cookbook, released in October of 1998, includes over 200 recipes hand picked from the first three years of the restaurant's operation. Everything from salsas and chutneys to entrees and desserts are covered in detail, with many magnificent photos scattered throughout.

"I'm delighted that The Millennium Cookbook is finally in print. When asked to recommend a restaurant in San Francisco, I always start with Millennium... a totally refreshing look into the next century of great food."
- Graham Kerr, TV Cooking Personality and Cookbook Author

  The Artful Vegan - Fresh Flavors from the Millennium Restaurant
by Eric Tucker and Bruce Enloe, Dessert Recipes by Amy Pearce
available Dec 2003

Anyone who says haute cuisine, big flavor, and vegan cooking can't go together hasn't been to San Francisco's famed Millennium Restaurant. Since 1994, Millennium has created a sumptuous vegan experience, which was first made available to home cooks in the revolutionary Millennium Cookbook. Now, Chef Eric Tucker brings us another collection of his mind-blowing vegan fare in The Artful Vegan. Bringing the farmers' market to fine dining, these 140 new recipes are fresh, impassioned vegan interpretations of traditional and contemporary global cuisine - and they're nutritious, meat- and dairy-free, and all organic to boot. Spanning influences from the Pacific Rim to the Deep South, The Artful Vegan showcases an expanded repertoire of flavors, methods, and ingredients that are on the cutting edge of healthful taste and nutrition.

How To Order
Please purchase Cookbooks in person at Millennium
or by calling our host: 415.345.3900x10

Praise for the Millennium Cookbook:

"I dare anyone who thinks a vegan diet is unexciting to look through this book. This is gourmet cooking at its best, and as healthy as any diet can be."
- Dean Edell, M.D., Medical Journalist

"The Millennium Cookbook offers an exciting collection of plant-based recipes for meals ranging from simple to sophisticated, composed of ingredients that are rich in nutrients and supportive of a healthful diet. While not all of the recipes are low in fat, suggestions for modification are peppered throughout. These low-fat vegan offerings will support a healthful lifestyle."
- Dean Ornish, M.D., President and Director, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

"The foods from Millennium are extraordinary because the people behind the book and the restaurant are motivated by a sincere interest in bettering your health and the health of the planet."
- John A. McDougall, MD., Author of The McDougall Cookbook, Founder and Director of the McDougall Program, St. Helena Hospital, Napa Valley, California