May 25 Beach Party!

Join us May 25th for our first ever BEACH PARTY! You can expect to see beach balls, umbrellas, a sand bar, things that float, cocktails inspired by Jersey Shore, Cabo & Waikiki...and the following menu which may change slightly due to great ideas piling up left and right. East Coast, West Coast, Alameda, Ocean, Island--all beaches included...and you're all invited. Break out your beach wear (see Dylan for an example of appropriate attire) and we will too--can't wait!


Appetizer Trio

chili cheese frito pie

clams casino

freid mozzerella with spicy marinara



Poke Salad

24 hour roasted watermelon, beets & edamama, 

sriracha mayonaise, iceberg lettuce



(all served with with drunken beans, buttered vegetable medley & potato-tempeh bacon salad)

choice of

Point Pleasant Loaded Carrot Italian Sausage Sandwich

spicy peppers & onion, provolone, grilled rabe, green garlic aioli, and more... 


Baja Tacos

deep fried tequila, orange & chile marinated tofu, slaw, 

pickled onions, wabo sauce


West Coast Cioppino

mushrooms, sausage, corn, artichoke, 

spicy tomato broth, brown rice pilaf, garlic bread, basil pesto



Venice Beach Ice Cream Bar

fresh fruit & superfood toppings 

(including but not limited to blueberries, stone fruit caramel, spirulina sunshine sprinkle, chia seed, goji berry & pumpkin seed granola, ginger-ginseng chocolate sauce, acai power powder, strawberry puree, coconut crumble...)

Beach Party 2017

Thursday, May 25th

$42/person; 4-course Prix Fixe Menu 

$18/children under 12 (half portion)

(regular dinner menu not available)

Reservations available 5:30pm-9:00pm